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Monday, May 04, 2009

Meet Kate and Annie

In my previous post, I said that I had unexpectedly entered job search mode again - after a successful two and a half years in my field and then taking a new job. But in every life along with a little rain, the sun must also shine. :)

It's spring! And while I lost my job, it's been wonderful to have time to catch up with friends and family and work on spring-cleaning the house and landscaping the yard - which have been so seriously neglected since the job hunt, job transition, and a couple of family illnesses involving prolonged travel and hospital stays over the holiday season.

I haven't had this much uninterrupted time at our new home since - well, ever! (we moved here 4 years ago.) So I'm giving her the old white glove, while I have the opportunity! Of course I'm job-hunting too.

Benny was so excited when I got my new job this winter that he finally decided to pursue a life-long dream. Ever since we've been married, he's talked about owning a team of draft horses or mules. He acquired an antique wagon several years ago that he's refurbished and we've used to advertise his antique refinishing on this corner. So this late winter/early spring he set about building stalls in the pole barn and putting up fence - and the opportunity came along to buy a team of Belgian draft mules from our neighbors complete with harnesses for a really good price.

Kate and Annie are 18 years old and still in wonderful shape. They pulled Benny's wagon to Stockwell yesterday. They worked together for the Amish their first six years of life and have been owned by 3 families (including us) since them. Actually they were separated when the Amish sold them to the next family. The second family reunited them and then our neighbors have owned them for about 6 to 8 years.

Even though I lost my new job, I told Benny I sincerely hoped he would go ahead and buy them. His brother died of a brain tumor at age 65 - the same year Benny had his open heart surgery. And last year his sister died of cancer at age 74. I told him he'd better be doing some of his dreams while he still has the health to enjoy them. I have hope we'll be able to financially maintain - even if I have to work in part time retail or part time factory again. Like Kate and Annie, I'm hoping I still have enough of my wits, skills, health, and vigor, that some employer in my field will still find value in me. Whether they do or not, we are still blessed.

So without further ado, meet Kate and Annie!

Kate and Annie, a Belgian Mule Team pulling an antique wagon


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