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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go see Julie and Julia - it's a Treasure!

The movie Julie and Julia will make even the lukewarm cook aspire to "Master the Art of French Cooking." Currently unemployed, I even checked out our local Good Will to see if there might be a copy languishing on the shelves. No such luck. This movie put it back on the best seller list.

Julie and Julia has something for all the generations. Not only about cooking, it's also about life, love, finding meaning and being heard, the political environment, family relationships, and parents and children. If you were alive during the period depicted by Julia Child's memoires, this movie will bring back memories. If you came along later - you'll find a lot of commonalities with history. And what blogger young or old couldn't relate to Amy Adams (aka Julie Powell) as she wonders if anyone is even reading her blog? Or what aspiring writer struggling to "birth" a best seller couldn't empathize with both "Julies"' efforts to get published? What woman who was ever "too" large or "too" tall or "too" whatever in any era won't relate to Meryl Streep and Jane Lynch as they depict the tall McWilliam sisters who came of age when the average height of American women was 5'4"? What woman couldn't empathize with Julia's sorrow at being childless and her quest to find something else to do with her life that could possibly be equally rewarding or as meaningful? What person who ever had a parent or who grew up in dysfunctional family or in the fractured disconnects of the 20th century won't chuckle or snicker at the interactions between the generations in this movie? (heck, my elderly mother and aunt practically dragged me to this movie kicking and screaming. I did not want to go - I thought I was too busy. But I went anyway - out of daughterly/niecely duty. Some people call it guilt.) And what person who ever had a nine to five with all that implies (or a 7 to 4, or 6 to 3, or a whatEVER) couldn't sympathize with Julie Powell? (Or with student Julia's struggles through French Cooking School with her headmistress from hell?) Yet both "Julies" manage to show us how to handle and even side step life's dead ends with creativity and grace.

The richness and the flavors of French cuisine permeate all aspects of this movie - it shows how far we've come and in some respects reminds us of what we've lost. In the end, it is as much about "mastering the art of living" as it is about "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." The performances are superb (special kudoes to Meryl Streep) - this movie is a treat in every way. Go see it! You won't be sorry! And a big thankyou to Nora Ephron and the creative team for bringing us this wonderful gift!
June Bug


Julie said...

I'm dying to see this movie,JRW, but have no one to go with me! Want to see it again? I have FREE passes from the Blood Center & still can't get anyone to go! SIGH.

JuneBug said...

Hey, guys, can anyone help Julie out here? And guess what. I went into a little used book store called "Buy the Book" and found a copy of "The French Chef Cookbook" by Julia Childs! And it only cost $1.99!

Maybe the Julie in the movie should have tried cooking her way through this book in a year instead of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" - this book only has about 200 recipes in it instead of 500. ;)