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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Checking in after getting my head above water!

Greetings! I feel like it's been awhile! I had good intentions - and several ideas for blog articles - during this summer of my unemployment - healthcare, the real economy vs the fake economy ... and then during August and September I got totally sidelined with fixing up and writing an article about my old farmhouse. And gardening, cleaning, and fall planting. Sigh. While I did write my congressmen and senators about supporting healthcare reform, I have yet to call them. However, I have written two letters to the editor and proffered a speck of financial support for the cause.

It's good to hear that the Senate has just come up with with a bill that includes a Public Option. (Actually, it's good to hear they came up with a bill period!)

Anyway ... I've also been working on the job search and cover letters and resume drafts. Online tools for job-hunting are getting a lot better - wouldn't that be a fun job? Designing online tools to facilitate job-hunting for folks?

So I hope to have some subjects for posting ... stay tuned!


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