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Monday, February 08, 2010


To go along with the premiere of CBS's new reality series Under Cover Boss, American Rights at Work has started a site where you can sign a petition to Congress for the Employee Free Choice Act, and a blog where you can share your work experiences:

The comments are well worth reading! And sad. Not only have my long-held suspicions that I am not alone finally been confirmed, that if this had happened to me, it could well be happening to others (with no way of knowing), but in reading the comments I now realize the abuses are much more pervasive than I thought.

All I can say is in our passion and quest for democracy and personal liberty, let us not trade one form of tyranny for another. Let us not surrender our personal freedom to corporations and companies who have no respect for our lives and our values. Let us not turn over our destinies to those who can afford to limit our choices and to give all we grew up regarding as hallowed and precious to their children as a plaything.  Let us not be deceived by the incessant, hypocritical, droning lip-service paid to inclusiveness, fairness, quality, nondiscrimination, empowerment, and health by company after company after company who fail to live up to what they proclaim.

After all the fallout from the current recession, the million dollar bonuses, and the inflation of executive salaries and perks by percents in the thousands, kudos to CBS or someone for coming up with a reality show that actually shows some potential to make life better for people everywhere.


P.S. Equally as enlightening, ARAW has another tab on Fix Our Jobs where people can write in why they love their jobs

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