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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just the Sanest Article Ever - How to Job Hunt After Getting Fired

May is the month I turn sixty-five and go on Medicare. (Yay, real honest-to-goodness health insurance where you pay an affordable fee and in return, they actually do something for you!) Actually I've been retired for almost two years now (due to serious family illnesses requiring my extended presence on the east coast), so, alas Liz Ryan's recent article at How to Job Hunt After Getting Fired comes along a bit late for me (where were you when I needed you, Liz - yeah, I know, probably still in high school, lol). But given that one of my original purposes for starting this blog was to network and connect about work life and job hunting, I just had to pass this helpful article along to those who may still be in the trenches. I thought the author offered an extremely sane and practical approach to what can be a daunting dilemma.

While I was at Forbes, I came across another other good article by Liz, the link to which follows:

Smart Answers to Ten Stupid Interview Questions

Have a great day whether you're on the job or on the job hunt and may the Force be with you!


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