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Saturday, January 09, 2016

Stories from the Farm - A New Year's Eve Buggy Ride

composite photo done with techniques taught by Fine Arts photographer  Stephanie Laird

So here's the story. Once upon a time there was this couple named Matt and Mary. Their 34th wedding anniversary was coming up. 

Matt asked Mary which restaurant they were going to go to celebrate and Mary replied, "If you really cared, you would take me for a ride on a horse and carriage for our anniversary." 

Apparently she had been saying the same thing for every anniversary for the past ten years. "I don't even know anyone who has a carriage," Matt helplessly told his buddy Dale at work. "How am I supposed to arrange this?" 

Well, Dale happened to be Ben's and my neighbor. "I think I know someone who might be able to help," said Dale.

So early in December, Dale brought Matt over and introduced him to Ben. Matt told Ben come rain or shine, he wanted to take his wife on a buggy ride the day of their anniversary, December 31st, 2015. It was to be a surprise.

Throughout the holidays which were rainy and cold, we kept wondering if our passengers would really show up.

"I sure hope she's not expecting fancy horses and a fancy carriage," said I. 

"I sure hope the weather's decent," said Ben.

But Matt kept calling to make sure we were still on and sure enough at four o'clock New Year's Eve he brought his wide-eyed bride to our place where Ben and Rodney (another neighbor) had the mules brushed, harnessed, and hitched up to the Ben's home-made surrey. Matt's buddy Dale appeared with a thermos of hot chocolate and attached a camera to the back of the surrey to record the event. I brought out a basketful of old blankets still warm from the dryer for all to use and off they all went for a ride around the block - which is about 4 miles in the country or an hour's ride for Kate and Annie (who are no speed demons). The day was dreary and damp and cold as could be, but when Kate and Annie pulled the wagon back into the driveway, the happy couple still had stars in their eyes. 

Happy Anniversary, Mary and Matt, and Happy New Year to All!


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