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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thanks to Harry Justman's nephew ...

... for passing on this piece of information about the Cafe Rienzi.

"my uncle harry justman was one of the original owners......he sold his intrest in the mid 60's. my parents spent time there occasionally on sunday afternoons with my brother ands and me. my mom was harry,s only sibling.Harry died approximatley 4 years ago and is survived by his sister, two daughters,and four grandchildren."

Thanks, larry! Do you have any personal memories of the Rienzi? I was pretty young when my aunt and uncle got out of the scene. I have personal memories of Greenwich Village coffee houses, but they're pretty vague.



Anonymous said...

I am Harry Justman's 2nd cousin.My mom, Harry, & Larry's mom Esther were all 1st cousins and all very close. Also, Nat Heller was very close to them. Larry-I don't know if you remember Nat. He graduated Annapolis with Pres Carter.I used to go to Cafe Rienzi with some of my friends when I was in the city for a great free meal. Of course, when I was younger I went with my parents. It was a wonderful place to go-checker/chess boards and flamingo dancing or other entertainment on Sundays. Larry- I remember your brother David more as he was older and I do not remember Jonathan or you very much as you 2 were much younger than me. I think David would remember me. Is your mom still alive. She & her girlfriend visited my family in Calif (in fact stayed there) in the 70's. I remember visiting your family when I was much younger in Brooklyn. Harry came to Calif to visit in the late 70' or very early 80's and my husband & I took him to the art community of Laguna Beach. Everyone thought we was a famous actor and just couldn't place him. His shirt was unbuttoned down to his navel,had a wonderful fedora hat(times have not changed), sunglasses and a fantastic looking pipe, & of course, he was very good looking. My husband and I were like chopped liver next to him. Anyway, what memories. My e-mail is It would be wonderrful hearing from you and your family.

Anonymous said...

My name is Janice Frank and I worked at Cafe' Rienzi in the early 60's. My best friend Sandy Wexler married Harry and they hired me to manage the Cafe for approximately one year. I worked with a wonderful chef by the name of Perry. I will never forget him or my fabulous year at Cafe' Rienzi. Nina and Danielle were born during this time. I have not spoken to Sandy for many years but remember those days fondly.

Janice Frank Noll

Danielle Boes said...

I am Danielle Justman Boes, one of Harry & Sandi's daughters. It is fascinating to read about the Cafe Rienzi. I hear many stories from relatives... it all sounded so romantic.