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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aunt Firma a Sculptor too?

Wow, another year has passed since I've posted to this blog. And once again, it's my Aunt Firma Phillips who brings me back. This time an artist from Lexington, Kentucky contacted me about a piece she had recently purchased. She writes:

"Hi! I found a piece of art by Firma Phillips today and found your email on your blog. The piece is actually a sculpture and differs from her landscape paintings. I have attached a picture of it. The signature on it matches the ones on the paintings I've seen online. Can you give me any further information about her? I live in Lexington KY and was curious about where she was located as well. Thanks in advance!"

Here are the pictures Jennifer has provided (click on the thumbnails to see a larger version):
Wow, that's a new one, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing it! Aunt Firma painted on many different surfaces - iron skillets, saws, jugs, her kitchen counter, her chairs ... but I never saw a sculpture before (thanks for giving me permission to share it on the blog!) There is quite a bit of history about Aunt Firma at this blog if you're able to find it. You can search by her name or the term "Artist" or "Painter." Here's an account from my cousin-by-marriage (once removed) Richard Nichol: More History on Firma. And here's a link to a story I wrote about her a long time ago, called Her Last Picture. I hope that helps if you haven't already seen them. Once in a while her paintings are sold on eBAY.

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