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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Introducing Three New Photo Exhibits

Greetings, everyone who happens upon these pages! A few months ago I wrote a blog post introducing readers to my "Scrappy" photo gallery site which has been in existence (under various titles) since the mid-2000's. This year I have added three new exhibits featuring Lafayette Columbian Park, the Tippecanoe County Extension Community Gardens, and Prophetstown State Park. To find out a little bit more about these galleries, read below and, better yet, drop by for a visit!

Lafayette Columbian Park

Columbian Park Zoo

As a child in the 1950's I always looked forward to the trek to Lafayette's Columbian Park for Freedom Christian Church's annual Sunday School picnic (it was a rather long trip from Fountain County where my grandparents lived and attended church to Lafayette, Indiana). In the 1960's I enjoyed swimming in the big round pool when I visited my Aunt Claudine and Uncle Johnny Deerr during the summer months. Ben and I swam at the park when we were courting in the early 80's. This past week (September 2014), I took my mother (soon to be ninety) and my aunt (soon to be 88) to walk in the park and to visit the zoo (I think they also came to the park for Sunday School picnics in the 1930's and 40's). I cannot help but be amazed and proud at how well Columbian Park has been cared for and how it has prospered and grown through the years. A lot has changed. Many of the familiar landmarks of my childhood are gone - the circular slide, the Merry-Go-Round, the rides, the glider benches, Monkey Island, the paddle boats in the lagoons ... but the thoughtfully planned exhibit and recreational areas and beautiful landscaping and gardens make this park continue to be a wonderful resource not just for the people of Lafayette, Indiana but for the whole state. Drop in and have a look for yourself!

Tippecanoe County Extension Community Gardens

Children's Idea Garden

I learned to appreciate community gardens in all their tangled and chaotic glory a few years ago during an extended stay in Virginia. Across from Fairfax Innova Hospital where my brother resided for the entire month of October lies a large community gardens which I frequented on afternoon walks. So this summer back at home I visited the Tippecanoe County Extension community gardens (which I have admired from the car window for several years anytime we drive to town) and all I can say is, GO SEE IT. IT IS WONDERFUL. This community gardens is located on U.S. 52 south of Tippecanoe Mall. As well as plots for individuals, there are many public display gardens and idea gardens tended by the Master Gardener's Association. I enjoyed taking pictures of the gardens throughout the late summer and wanted to share them with anyone who cares to look through them -in hopes they will be encouraged to go and enjoy the garden for themselves - and also so I can visit it again and again, no matter what the season! :)

Prophetstown State Park

Surprise Proposal at the Prophetstown Farmhouse Museum

Back around Labor Day weekend in 2007 or 2008 our good friend Mark called to invite Ben and me to accompany him and his love Marilyn on an outing to Indiana's newest state park Prophetstown which is located on the beautiful Indiana prairies near the historic Tippecanoe Battlefield where followers of Tecumseh and his brother The Prophet battled William Henry Harrison's troops (November 7, 1811). This particular weekend the park was featuring a 1920's style County Fair. But more importantly, Mark was planning to propose to Marilyn on the porch of the beautifully replicated 1920's farmhouse/museum, and he wanted Ben and me along as witnesses. (Sounds like he already knew what his love's answer would be.) ;)

The photos in this exhibit are a record of the day, the park - which is well worth the visit, and the good time that was had by the mingling crowd at a historic 1920's County Fair. Drop in and have a look for yourself!



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