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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Photoshop Artistic Effects

Happy end-of-February, folks! Just a quick post to share a couple more photos with Photoshop Effects applied.

The first - roadside lace - has the underpainting effect applied:

Click image for wallpaper size

Here's the pic without the effect applied:

Click image for wallpaper size

The next pic - summer chickory - has the same underpainting effect applied. I should also mention that I saturated the blues in this pic and also the yellows (and then lightened them) to bring out the flowers before applying the effect. I forgot to mention in my previous photoposts that Photoshop has a "fade effect" option on the edit menu, so that you can lessen whatever effect or adjustment you apply. It's pretty cool.

Click image for wallpaper size

Here's the pic without the effect applied.

Click image for wallpaper size

Some pix just seem to make really good candidates for Photoshop Artistic Effects - maybe try it with one you really like, but you didn't get as sharp or in focus as you would have preferred. What effect you choose depends on the photo's subject and composition. It may lend itself to water color, to pencil, to oils, or something else. You just have to experiment with the various artistic effects to find a good "match." So rather than throw something away, turn it into a more "forgiving" image. I think these effects sometimes capture what I was trying to express more than the original photo.

Happy Shutterbugging!

JuneBug, looking forward to spring

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