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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Purdue Pink"

JuneBug's Job Hunting and Photography Blog: February 2006

Wait a minute. Isn't that supposed to be Purdue GOLD?


(arghh - where are the message board smilies when you need them) Read on ...

Well, here's my first photo blog. I won't be like some people and publish a photo a day, or even week, lol, but as I find suitable subjects and the time ... :)

Anyway, in the process of updating my photography website Second Looks Photography for spring, I came across this photo which I'd never put on the web mostly because it wasn't sharp. But it does capture so beautifully the colors and form of the subject, a pink dogwood that I photographed a few years ago as I was out walking and enjoying the beauty of the campus. That's the great thing about having a traditional campus like Purdue's. It helps, inspires, and refreshes the intellectual and academic life. :) This shot was taken with my Pentax SLR manual camera and scanned in with my Polaroid negative scanner. Obviously the f-stop is wide open in this shot and the speed is probably relatively low because of the lighting conditions that cold rainy day.

Anyway, I've used Photoshop for some years now to "develop" my pictures. I'm not a graphic designer by training - I don't know design, and I had only beginning instruction in the use of this software. But it seems like every once in a while, I make a leap forward with it and discover new things. (Then I have to go back and incorporate what I've learned into all my old favorites - it's a bottomless pit, lol!)

I tried the artistic filter on this shot - first the water color, and then went with the dry paint brush. I ADORE water color paintings and techniques. Because of the image's overall softness and large blocks of color I thought it might be a suitable candidate. Here's the result:

First the filtered shot, then the original:

click on image for wallpaper size

click on image for wallpaper size

Perhaps another filter effect to come in my next photo blog. Stay tuned. :) Oh yeah, and eventually I will find time, I hope, to complete my profile and favorite links - and design a new template etc.


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