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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What? 2 Posts the SAME Day? =:o

JuneBug's Job Hunting and Photography Blog

Well, who knew I'd be back so soon, lol! I promise this won't become a habit. But as promised here's another image with the Photoshop filter applied. This one's the front porch of our former home - on such an incredibly beautiful winter morning. I worked and worked at getting this image to show how delectably crunchy, icy white the world was that morning, but somehow the camera wasn't seeing what my mind's eye remembered. If only I were a professional photographer instead of an amateur! Anyway, I applied the Photoshop pencil drawing filter to this photo and was pleased with the results. The sharp pencil lines seem to bring out the crystalline nature of the snow or hoar frost. At least to me.

Again - the photo with the filter applied and then the original with just the sharpening applied:

click on image for larger view

click on image for larger view

This also reminds me of many years ago when I took a serious drawing class in college through the art department. I was in awe of the delicate and exquisite technique that some of the students already seemed to possess.

My husband wonders why I spend so much time at this stuff - I come by it honestly- I have a great aunt, now deceased who was a well known scenery painter in Indiana. Her name is Firma Duchene Phillips. If you ever come across any of her paintings, drop me a note. :)

Happy Photographing!

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